Most people usually write the plural of “ex” incorrectly. So, what is the correct plural form of “ex”, is it exes or ex’s? In this article, we will discuss how to write a plural form of “ex” among many other things. Read until the end so that you don’t miss out on anything.

How to write a plural form of “ex”?

The correct plural form of ex is “exes”. Words that end with the written letter X usually end with a /s/ sound.

For example, the word box is pronounced as /boks/, and the plural is pronounced as /boksiz/. In writing, we add es at the end. So, the plural form of box is boxes.

Now coming to the word ex. This word is a regular noun. The singular is pronounced as /eks/ and written ex. The plural, on the other hand, is pronounced as /eksiz/ and written exes.

Ex’s is the possessive of ex. For example, you can say my ex’s friend.

Is ex grammatically correct?

Yes, but it depends on how it is used. Ex is a prefix meaning, it has to be placed before the stem of the word. For instance, when you say ex-employee, you have to connect the two with a hyphen to it to be grammatically correct.

How do you spell “ex girlfriend”?

The word “ex girlfriend” is spelled as “ex-girlfriend”. A hyphen must be added when spelling the word

What does “ex” mean?

Ex refers to the former (someone with whom a person was once associated with either as a friend, colleague, or relationship). For instance, when you say my ex-girlfriend, it refers to your former girlfriend.

Is ex spell capitalized?

No, ex spell is not capitalized. ex is a prefix and it is not capitalized. Letter “E” is only capitalized if it appears at the beginning of the sentence.

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