Most of the complex tasks a person can face are acquiring a new language or mastering the word meaning of their first language.

One can appreciate the task of language acquisition by hearing another person talking in a foreign language.

Sometimes when learning a new language, you would not know how to extract the word forms from the speech stream even when you figure out the meaning of the words spoken.

Fortunately, it is easy to interpret sentences in real-time by learning and practicing the new language.

Non-native speakers can find it challenging to extract its word forms and understand grammar rules; for instance, is it correct to say studying?

Yes, it is correct to say studying as it means undertaking the formal study of a subject, and it can be used as a noun or verb depending on the given context.

Where to Use It?

You can use the word ‘studying’ in your speech as it is an intransitive verb that shows engagement in studies. The verb would imply the act of undertaking the formal study of a subject.

Thus a student can say they are studying a given course in school. Moreover, ‘studying’ would mean reflecting on something or meditating.

When you encounter a new phenomenon, you will take your time to understand it, and you can refer to the act of learning the new phenomena as studying.

‘Studying’ could be a transitive verb which means reading in detail with the intention of learning. For example, a student would be studying for their exams, which means they are attentively reading to ensure they learn new concepts and understand the topics to pass their exams.

Thus, saying you are studying a given topic would be correct as you are reading to acquire knowledge.

One may say they are studying when they are keen on extracting detailed information. For instance, if you say you were studying the atmosphere in the room, it would mean you were considering attentively extracting observable information.

Furthermore, you can say, “I was studying her face for a reaction,” meaning you wanted to extract observable information.

Studying also may mean the part of the house where one undertakes their studies. Students would undertake their studies in the studying room, where they keep their stationery and other reading materials.

Studying is used as a noun in this context, but its use might be informal. It is normal to hear one say the study room as that is the correct name in the formal language.

Which Is Correct, “In Studying” Or “On Studying”?

‘In studying’ might be the correct phrase, but it depends on its use; for instance, many publications accept the phrase compared to the ‘on studying’ phrase.

For example, if one asks the question ‘where is my book?’ the answer might be in the studying room. In this example, the ‘in studying’ room shows the book’s location.

Moreover, you may say ‘on studying table,’ which implies the exact position of the book in the studying room. Therefore, you can either use “in studying” or “on studying,” depending on the context.

What Is The Difference Between Study And Studying?

‘Study’ is a noun that means a state of contemplation; it applies the mental faculties to acquire knowledge.

The study may also mean a literary or artistic production, an experimental interpretation, and an analysis of characteristics.

On the other hand, studying is a verb that means to engage in study or undertake a formal study to understand a subject. It means reading to learn or master a skill.

Should You Use The Synonyms Of Studying For Correct Writing And Speaking?

Although it is correct to say studying, you can use different synonyms for writing or speaking. Still, you should choose ones that fit the context—for instance, contemplating, weighing, and considering means to think about something to find a decision or judgment.

Considering suggests giving thought to a subject to reach a conclusion. Contemplating means focusing on one’s thoughts on something without deciding on the subject matter.

On the other hand, weighing means attempting to find the truth or arriving at a decision by weighing the claims and evidence presented. All these synonyms can replace the word ‘studying’ based on the given context, and it is possible to use them for everyday speech and writing.


Learning a new language or mastering your first language might be an uphill task as you may not always know how to extract the word forms from a speech stream even when you figure out the meaning of the words spoken.

English words like ‘studying’ might be confusing, and you may not know if they are correct or not. However, it is correct to say studying, and you may use the word based on different contexts and assign meaning to a sentence.

Studying is a verb that means to engage in study or undertake a formal study to understand a subject; it means reading to learn or master a skill. Good luck learning and mastering the English words and assigning meaning to different phrases in a sentence.

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