The use of others in English sentences can be confusing. Different sentences can make sense in various applications, but it is not apparent that using others in one sentence can also apply to another.

The word other applies in a sentence, serving as conjunction, determiner, noun, adjective, or adverb.

As an adjective, the term is used to demonstrate a distinction between things. For instance, out of a set of two, an individual can have a different preference that does not include the specified set, prompting the use of others.

The use of “two other methods” vs. “other two methods” in English is debated about grammatical correctness.

The discussion below shows the difference between the two statements, supporting the correct one.

Why “other two methods” is correct

“The other two methods” is the correct phrase in this comparison. It implies that there are other methods, where the two are among the possible alternatives of the already mentioned methods.

For instance, suppose you list processes A and B as most suitable; when you say, “The two other methods are C and D,” you imply that many other alternatives exist, including E, F, G, and H, among others.

Additionally, applying the term other in front of the noun is more grammatically correct than using it after.

Another application in a sentence is “The other two methods that apply in this process include X and Y.”

This statement means that apart from the existing methods, X and Y are others that can also apply. 

Why “two other methods” is incorrect

This statement is incorrect because it portrays a lack of specificity. However, it is not entirely incorrect because it also means that there are more methods on top of the original methods because the existing ones are insufficient.

For example, in a sentence, one would say, “I was hoping that the two other cases win for me to get the compensation I deserve.”

In this statement, the speaker intends to explain that initially discussed cases did not win. They hoped that the remaining cases would win.

“Two other” is a phrase used in English, but it does not sound correct hence its least application. When it is stated as incorrect, it does not mean that it does not make sense entirely.

This statement applies in passing a message according to the specific context of the application. The “other two” is a more popular phrase because it sounds more grammatically correct. 

Other correct alternatives to these sentences

Other correct alternatives for these phrases include another, other, and others. Another is a phrase that can replace the statements for statements written in the singular form.

For example, in a statement, an individual can say, “I have another book that can provide more information.”

Other is also applicable, and it applies in plural form statements. This term applies in plural form in sentences, for example, “I have other books that are more informational.”

The term others can also apply in place of these phrases. In a sentence, one can say, “The cups here are insufficient. I need others.” These three alternatives are sufficient to replace these two phrases in sentences.

Take Away

Various English terms and phrases apply alternatively in sentences. However, the phrases must be grammatically correct and fluent when applied.

The two statements “two other methods” vs. “other two methods” are correct according to the context of the application.

The accurate statement of the two statements is “two other methods,” which is more preferred than the “two other methods.” It is considered more fluent.

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